Get Involved!

This is where we will be posting resources for getting involved in our communities at local, national, and sometimes international levels.

Not all of them will be applicable for every person. Some will demand people’s time, some may need financial donations. Some may be restricted to certain geographic areas.

We may post issues you may not feel particularly educated about yet. We don’t want this to limit you from getting involved or participating. We will try to always include materials on other sections of our website so that people who want to may also educate themselves about issues before they get involved.

Not every issue applies to every person, but we hope to address the needs of our communities here and have ways for everyone, from people on limited income, students, people with limited mobility, and everyone else, to get involved in positive ways.

We hope to develop networking through social media and direct action opportunities. Our goal is that with these tools, people who share some of the same views and some different views will be able to work together and exchange ideas as they create positive change. This is the way we can begin to heal and strengthen our communities 🙂


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