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Leaflets: Volume 1

Back in the 1940s, a remarkable group of young Germans realized their government was headed down a dark path, and that their fellow citizens were doing nothing to stop it. They formed a group, called the White Rose Society, from which we take our name, and they began protesting, tagging, and handing out leaflets to … More Leaflets: Volume 1

What Can We Do: Strategies to Combat Immigration Policy.

We have talked a couple of times before about issues this country is having with ICE and targeting immigrant communities in harmful ways. We looked a couple of ways to try to address that, or even draw attention to the problem, and today we’re really going to tackle it with some mutual aid based solutions. … More What Can We Do: Strategies to Combat Immigration Policy.

Mutual Aid: The Next Step Forward

Almost right after being elected, the Trump Administration began issuing Executive Orders. Two of these came out January 25th, Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements and Executive Order Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States. These Executive Orders were the Administration’s way of making good on the promise to working to … More Mutual Aid: The Next Step Forward