Leaflets: Volume 1

Back in the 1940s, a remarkable group of young Germans realized their government was headed down a dark path, and that their fellow citizens were doing nothing to stop it. They formed a group, called the White Rose Society, from which we take our name, and they began protesting, tagging, and handing out leaflets to try to educate others to what was going on in Germany, and to get others to refuse to sit by and let it happen.

The White Rose Society was executed, but we remember their heroism, and in these tumultuous times the words they wrote so long ago ring true still. We created a leaflet that is as close to the original as possible, edits being made for country difference, time difference, etc, but other than that it is the same, and still timely as ever.

We plan to print these up, and disseminate them around the area, along with “Know your Rights Cards”, and other handy materials put in a ziplock bag and stapled inside. We will be providing the file so that you may also hand them out, and also edit it to reflect the area you live in. We’re on the West Coast, but if you have a group that you would like people to check in with after they have read the material, and want to get organized, feel free to edit the file to reflect that.  So, just print these double-sided, and fold. It’s in black and white, so no need to worry about color printing. Should be able to do it at a library if no access is available to a printer at home 🙂

Here is the PDF: WR1


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