Forming A Civic Club

In our group reading, one of the chapters talks about starting a direct action group with friends, neighbors, and people in your legislative district to pressure Members of Congress into enacting positive change.

But what about those people who are at the point of wanting to reach out to the community, learn more, start to get involved, maybe even get out of their previous apathy, but aren’t ready to start attending town hall meetings and asking questions of representatives?

You can still form a group! I recently came across this fantastic piece, talking about how what we might all want to do is join civic clubs. I also heard an interesting idea talking about how people are fed up with politics, because to most people the way they engage with politics is every couple of years they’ll hear from a group of people, the Party, who wants them to donate money so that a person with possibly similar interests is elected.

As time has gone on in this country, and we don’t know our neighbors anymore, and there is a significantly larger population than there used to be, many people feel left out and unheard in this process. So forming local chapters of parties, even if they aren’t either of the two main parties, or forming civic clubs to discuss political ideas in a welcome environment, might be one solution. These groups could be a place to read important historic documents, do workshops on things that members care about, such as running for office or public speaking, and discuss different political ideas, and work on becoming more civic minded.


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