Compassion: OK, What’s the First Step?

I encourage you to go check out our awesome piece about mindfulness, compassionate activism, Michelle Obama pics, and a great link to a Vox article by a Buddhist monk who talks about not giving into fear-based thinking. Read it, and maybe simmer on it a bit.

Then, when you’re ready to integrate that into your process, come back here!

This is just going to be baby steps. In that piece we talked about reaching out to non-voters. People who have become so fed up with the system that they feel that their voices, their lives, their families, their communities don’t matter so they don’t show up to the polls and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Non-voters can be anyone from my uncle who lives in a yurt in the desert (although I think he went Green this year) to new voters who are still finding their bearings or elderly voters who don’t have a way to get to the polls or don’t have access to good information and prefer to only vote if educated, to working class people who sadly, have to work on election day. There are lots of people who can’t find childcare, who have medical issues, etc. And there are a chunk of people who would prefer alternative forms of government, such as anarchism. It’s a pretty good mix of folks.

Again, I really encourage you to read this piece, think on it a while, and then when you do come across the non-voter don’t be afraid to reach out.

Step 1. Make a list of people you know who perhaps, didn’t vote.

Step 2. For each of those people, do a brain storming session of things you might both be interested in. I prefer the mind map personally. Take your time. Spend a couple of days or even more thinking about each person as an individual.

Step 3. When an event or opportunity arises that you are interested in, and you think they might be interested in too, invite them. Don’t be afraid of conversations. Remember: they’re just a person, looking to connect and express themselves. They may say no. That doesn’t throw them on some kind of “other” or “no” list. It just means they weren’t interested.

Congratulations, you’re building community!


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